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Archimedes - Matt Fuguet

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Who was Archimedes?

  • Archimedes was from Hellenistic Greece
  • He was an engineer
  • He was an inventor of machines (mostly for war)
  • He is considered one of the best mathematicians in all of history for his mathematical discoveries.
















What are Archimedes achievements?

  • Archimedes founded integral calculus
  • discovered how to accurately determine the digits of pi
  • discovered how to find the center of gravity on flat objects
  • made the beginnings of the number system that eventually became scientific notation
  • Made developments and discoveries in hydrostatics
    • Invented a mechanism that consisted of a large tube with a large screw in it that’s purpose was to lift water out of the hulls of ships
      • The mechanism is still used today for irrigation and drainage


  • developed technology for the Second Punic War
    • Example 1: a system of mirrors which concentrated sunlight onto the enemy's ships and set them on fire

Arhchimedes heat ray: Did an array of mirrors set ships aflame 2200 years ago?

    • Example 2: a crane that lifted enemy ships out of water and smashed them against the rocks to sink them


    • Example 3: developed a catapult that threw boulders further than any catapult before it
      • Archimedes was so confident in his mathematical abilities that helped him make these invention that he once said "Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I will move the world."


  • ·         Discovered the scientific principle of buoyancy
    •  There is a tale about the discovery of this principle that goes like this:
      • The King asked Archimedes to determine if his crown was made of real gold
      • Archimedes did not know how to determine this, until one day he stepped into the bathtub and noticed that the amount of water he displaced was equal to his body’s volume
      • He realized he could use this to test if the kings crown was real gold, and he was so excited that he go out of the bathtub and ran through the streets naked while shouting “eureka” (which means “I have found it”)
      • Archimedes the used the new principle he discovered and determined that the crown was not made of real gold.
      • The tale is thought by historians to be false, but the phrase “eureka” and the principle of buoyancy are still attributed to Archimedes.

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